Welcome to Riviera Naturist Resort

                                                 (also known as Rest'N Relaxation!)

Hi!  I'm Nudie Lou  I'm the new mascot and official Welcome Wagger at Riviera Naturist Resort.  Some of my duties include making all of our guests feel welcome when they come to visit.  I work very cheap - all I require are some snuggles and smile, but I won't turn down a tip in the form of a bone.  I can sniff out any food and will taste test it if my Mom isn't around.  I make sure Mom keeps treats in the office for all of my four legged friends that come to visit.  Mostly I just make sure everyone is having a good time and willingly loan my ears for a rub if our guests are missing their fur babies.  I'm sure everyone agrees I make this resort what it is.  I can't wait to meet you so hurry up and come visit me!

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I'm waiting patiently for you to come play with us.  Hurry up, you know we age much faster than our two leggers age.  I'll show you the huge park where we can romp and fetch sticks!  When you get tired I will share my three shaded kennels if you want to stay outside while our two leggers go play in the pool.  See you soon!